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Holographic Screen Shader v1.1 for Blender 3.0

34 ratings

full feature procedural holographic screen shader featuring:
- control over depth and scale of the parallax
- ability to upload image, videos or image sequences in the shader processor
- various controllable effects like glitch, gradient vignette, light flicker, overall blur
- classic HSV control for color
- opacity level for the layers

-slightly optimized viewport time (will optimize more)
-added mask control for each layer
-added falloff controll for gradient global mask
-changed glitch approach (now it only happens inside the image boundaries)

UPDATE 02/03/2022
I rewritten the glitch section and now i can safely say that it's basicaly lag free (well almost)! you can even run videos with the shader and the playback is very responsive!

if you try and like the shader feel free to add a star review to the product and tag me on Twitter at @meltbrainz !:)
thanks in advance!

Please: DO NOT PAY IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT COMFORTABLY! Otherwise, a tip is highly appreciated and enables me to make more cool stuff for free. You are not purchasing a product here... It is free... By paying, you help me to create more.

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full feature holographic screen shader

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Holographic Screen Shader v1.1 for Blender 3.0

34 ratings
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