Ivy_generator x Blender 3.3 + legacy ivy_generator for 3.0

26 ratings
I want this!

Ivy_generator x Blender 3.3 + legacy ivy_generator for 3.0

26 ratings

Ivy generator for Blender 3.3!
Geometry Nodes based and fully customizable

new ivy branching system designed to work with blender draw curves!
automated to recognize if you're drawing the curve on the surface or in the air and generate branches accordingly

4 leaves shaders included!

quick guide:
1- make sure to connect both the target collection and the curve object in the correct places!

2- remember that everything you put in the target collection will be considered as a target

3- keep in mind that in order to work properly this ivy system requires a lot of geometry to actually draw the branches
for this i suggest creating an invisible object that overlays your scene where you want the ivy to be and subdivise that, to keep things clean

4- switch between surface and cursor draw to maximize the creative output from the system!

thank you very much for the support! this allows me to keep creating things!

I want this!

Ivy Geometry nodes setup


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