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cliffpack -[granite sea-weathered cliffs]

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optimized and scene ready assetpack with 36 assets of rock pillars and cliffs + 5 grass clumps
all with baked normal/AO/curvature map + procedural color/roughness shader
example of pillar mapping layers

example of mapping layers

the models are already subdivided by size
the pillars hight span from 1.2mt tall to 7 mt tall
the cliff height spans from 14 mt to 23 mt and have a lenght from 4 mt to 23 mt, width is average around 4/5 mt

pillars poly count spans from 300 for the smallest to 30k for the biggest
cliffs poly count spans from 8k to 35k

draw test for performance:

truly a lot of possibilities

file is already packed and marked as asset

included with the pack 5 grass clumps with all textures baked for scattering on the rocks

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20 pillar assets + 16 cliffs assets + 5 grass clumps assets


cliffpack -[granite sea-weathered cliffs]

0 ratings
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