Favela/slum Generator for Blender 3.2

13 ratings
I want this!

Favela/slum Generator for Blender 3.2

13 ratings

Geometry Nodes based system that takes a plane or whatever mesh you want and turns it in a crumpled yet nice looking favela for Blender 3.2

the system is fully customizable and already have all the controls you might desire exposed
the textures are mainly images to save performance and all the assets are lowpoly for the same reason
controls include:
scattering of houses-trees-cable poles-a/c conditioners and antennas
each controllable by it's own section
the system is packed with a masking system to scatter the trees and to separate them from the rest
all ready to go!

if you decide to buy my product you have my eternal gratitude and i hope you'll like it, any possible future implementation will be free for you, forever
if you like it please consider leaving a positive review :)

I want this!

full feature generator and collection of assets already wired in it for the scattering magic

multiple object scattering each with it's own rules and bindings
dynamic with the terrain
all the istances work togheder with the base terrain to keep things consistent
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